Shamanic Journey

Shamanism - an ancient spiritual practice

Shamanism is the most ancient spiritual practice known to humans. It is not a religion, and does not conflict with any religious tradition. Shamanism is a way of life. Shamanism is about direct revelation. It is a belief that everything and everyone is connected through the sacred web of life. Everything is Spirit.

During a Shamanic Journey, a Shaman will go into altered states of consciousness and travel to non-ordinary reality, to retrieve information for the greater good and healing. Shamanic healing focuses on the spiritual side of issues and illness. It is about coming home to oneself and restoring power back to the individual so they can walk in their truth and authenticity.

Benefits of Shamanic Healing:

  • Bring in fresh energy to heal

  • Feeling more present

  • Increased vitality

  • Connect to source and soul purpose

  • Create desired life changes

  • Deep soul healing

  • Restore mental, emotional, spiritual, physical wholeness

  • A better sense of well-being

  • Connect to Source

  • Release stuck/toxic energy

  • Step into personal power and highest self

We give thanks to the power that created us, our world and our universe so we can come home to ourselves. Every day we are either giving ourselves power or taking it away.
— Heather Kennedy

Medicine Wheel Ceremony

Medicine wheel - manifestation & healing

The Medicine Wheel has been used throughout history to assist in manifestation and healing. Everything seen and unseen has its place on the Wheel. The Medicine Wheel contains many points and teaches about birth, growth, death and rebirth. There is no beginning or end. What happens on one part of the Medicine Wheel impacts the entire Medicine Wheel. We focus on starting in the East and work our way, in order, to the South, West, North and Center. Working with the four directions is a great way to deepen our connection to the cycles of our life and universe.


Combining Shamanic Journeying with the Medicine Wheel can be very powerful. It enables us to tap into the universal life force, bring power back to ourselves, and take accountability to create the life we want.